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          I am a Chinese graphic designer with a library of skills. I draw, code, animate, push pixels, and do many things graphic designers do. I’m a total detail freak. I’m often practical—asking lots of why, and I deliver quality works, always.
I discovered my talent in graphics at the age of eight, when my elementary school teacher asked me to create issues of blackboard bulletin, a monthly publication in a traditional Chinese classroom. For the next ten years, I continued designing award-winning blackboard bulletins before I graduated from high school.
Undergoing traditional Chinese education system, I didn’t hold back my passion for design. After my sister made me a follower of Beyoncé, I became the lead designer who published annual magazines in the biggest Chinese Beyoncé fan forum. From there, I helped all the major Beyoncé social media accounts in China with their visuals and story telling. Read how Beyoncé made me a graphic designer here.
An acceptance letter brought me into California College of the Arts, where I advanced my design skills and critical thinking. I co-created a college-wide trading group, The CCA Underground, that has hosted 1000+ trades. With a few friends, I also started Max CCA, an independent digital platform that forges interdisciplinary interactions between 80% of the community at the college. With honor, I was one of the first students who debuted TBD* at CCA, a student-staffed design studio creating work for Bay Area nonprofits.
Besides college, I was part of John Bielenberg’s interdisciplinary, experimental program Secret Project. I practiced Think Wrong design thinking, took on design challenges in rural areas, and brainstormed with local communities. My friends and I then successfully passed ‘Thinking wrong’ spirit to every participant in our self-organized summer camp — Think Wrong Taiwan.
After graduating from college, I launched and fulfilled a Kickstarter campaign with my friends. It’s called BBCube — A shouting game for civilized people. It was my first kickstarter, and boy, I won’t miss the days that I hand painted 1000+ wooden cubes.
2021 — Present
Senior designer
Work & Co
2019 — 2021
Senior Designer
Together Agency
2018 — 2019
Contract Visual Designer
frog Design
Digital Design Lead
2017 — 2018
Designer & Manager
CCA TBD* Studio
Design Intern
Young Ones Portfolio
Young Ones ADC  ·  Gold
Awwwards  ·  Mobile Excellence
Awwwards  ·  Honorable Mention
Young Ones Brief  ·  Bronze
Adobe ADAA  ·  Special Designation
Adobe ADAA  ·  Semifinalist
Monotype Award  ·  Typographic Excellence
What makes a good designer, in your opinion?
I think a good designer understand the purpose, the meaning and the people they are designing for. The design can be cool and all but if the audience doesn’t get it, the designer fails doing their job.

What do you do when you are not designing?

Well, I live like a normal person, a healthy one. You will see me sweating at a gym, chilling in a park or by the sea, enjoying a good movie, playing Nintendo Switch or wondering at a museum. I would occasionally go hiking with friends. I’m not really into 420 loud parties, but count me in for an asian style karaoke night :)

What’s your secret talent?
People say I’m a good singer. I probably will be if I had proper vocal training. I did lose in high school singing competition though :(

Do you have a favorite thing to do?
Yes, definitely not design. I always love to visit the happiest place on earth. You know where that is, yes?

What are you into recently?
Animal Crossing. It saved me from depression during covid time. I spent 540 hrs in building an island, storing all the happy memories I have. If you’re interested, Dream Code: DA-0225-5440-6768

What keeps you up at night?
Oh god I hope nothing, I need that sleep. I was unsettling after seeing the launch of “Metaverse,” a virtual reality that looks cool but in fact a digital dystopia. Many inventions nowadays push us to spend more time in the virtual world or buy more products, while diminishing our abilities to be real, act real, and feel real. I always make sure I do my part to prevent things get worse, I hope you do too. If we don’t save ourselves, who will?
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not available for freelance work At the moment 🌚
open for hire starting May 2021 🌝
not available for freelance work At the moment 🌚
open for hire starting May 2021 🌝