Brand Identity
Eat Offbeat
A brand identity redesign for Eat Offbeat, a caterer delivers authentic ethnic meals that are conceived, prepared and delivered by refugees in NYC. Eat Offbeat recruits and trains refugees resettled in the NY area, and builds on their culinary heritage and home-cooking skills to develop an authentic and exciting menu under the supervision of a Head Chef. The goal of this project is to give Eat Offbeat a modern look while emphasize its multicultural authenticity.
One of the challenges is representation. How to create the feeling of multicultural without making it looks like a specific culture since all the refugee now are New Yorkers? Steering away from country flags, I dived into the concept of home and memories. Eventually, the concept of home quilt came to my mind.
Another underlying element is utilitarian text layout, inspired by travel tickets. It not only symbolizes the migration of refugee, but suggests that the experience of trying multicultural food is the journey of traveling.
“Food made from memories of homes.” Combining elements of quilt and tickets, the identity redesign shapes a unique visual system for the new player in NYC culinary industry.