Brand Identity, Environment
MORE Senior Show
Brand Lead
Project Manager
Marjerrie Masicat
Esmeralda Velazco
Taylor Wega
Emily Waite
A branding project for a three-hour exhibition. On May 11, Graphic Design program at California College of the Arts hosted MORE, its 2018 Senior Show, at Astro Studios. The event highlighted twenty-three graduating students’ works and drew approximately 300 visitors—a mix of students, faculty, alumni, family, friends, and guests from the Bay Area creative community. With support from Facebook Design, we were able to make the exhibition bigger, better, and MORE beautiful than ever before.

Checkout our show Instagram @ccagdmore
Instagram was our main tool to promote the show, where we told the MORE story, revealed thesis process, and highlighted seniors’ work. The MORE story narrates our learning and growth in CCA graphic design program. We combined hand elements with simple geometric shapes—represent literally ‘graphic’—and covered them with celebratory gradient shades.

Part 1 — Graphic Lovers

“From the start, we’ve been lovers of all things ‘graphic.’ We enjoy the beauty within these captivating elements and have learned about their potential to spread across the world like fire.”

Part 2 — Graphic Players

“As we learn, we bring intention to those elements we are familiar with. We play! We generate, recombine, and replace. Slowly, the elements become something MORE.”

Part 3 — Graphic Designers

“Eventually, we grow. The things we create now are MORE than just graphics; they are the synthesis of our learning and thinking. They have different intentions, different interpretations, different forms and different meanings. Graphics become something MORE—our very last projects at CCA, and ourselves.”

The team used a Risograph printer to produce physical promotional materials for the show. With the magic of risograph gradient, we were able to make each card and poster unique and vibrant.

MORE Trailer

This fourteen-second trailer was created for CCA Graphic Design program’s end-of-semester presentation. It was later posted on Instagram account @ccagd.

To extend the celebratory vibe, we utilized various mediums and brought all the elements to the show!
The show was not only for the guests but also for the class. To remember that night, we’ve created takeaways for the guests. To remember our class, we specially made yearbooks that featured everyone’s personal notes for everyone else.