The Fine Art of Spying
A ‘book-about-a-block’ project. The ‘spying’ theme of this project was started from graphic research on the 3rd street between Mariposa street and 18th street in San Francisco, and inspired by the windows on building façades on that block.

Fine Art of Spying

One of my research methods—observing windows— coincidentally led me to the controversial art piece The Neighbors by photographer Arne Svenson. From that I discovered The Fine Art of Spying, which was originally an article written by Ellen Gamerman for The Wall Street Journal.

Having the perfect story depicting fearless artists doing spying art, I added six original, interactive window-stories with illustrations. While echoing the theme of spying, these stories richen the flavor of mystery and surprises in the reading experience.

PEEP: The Game of Spying

As an extension of the book, The Game of Spying, PEEP is a physical board game that shares the same theme and surprise moments with the book. In the form of Chutes and Ladders with uncertain fate input, PEEP creates a mysterious setting for players to feel the pressure and pleasure of spying.