This  is
Bill Chien.
I’m a multitalent graphic designer who grew up in Hainan, now living in New York City. I realize impactful ideas using a variety of means—branding, publication, digital interface, and experience.
My super power is a relentless drive to 101% quality work.
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Eat Offbeat
Brand Identity
Product Concept, Animation
Brand Identity, Social Media, Animation
Brand Identity, Social Media, Environment
If BART Can Speak
Motion Collection
Animation, Social Media, Slide Deck
The Noise Festival
Brand Identity, Experience, Interface
Birch Furniture
Service Design, Interface, Branding
Secret Project
Social Impact, Multimedia
The Fine Art of Spying
Publication, Tabletop Game
eat offbeat
Shape a stronger voice for food made from memories of homes.
Brand Identity
Activate digital readers’ news literacy skills.
Product Concept
TEDxSF 2018
Shape a memorable visual language for a brain-daring event.
Branding, Social Media
more show
Celebrate the growth of CCAGD graduates.
Branding, Social Media, Environment
if bart can speak
Help Bay Area Rapid Transit challenge poor passenger behaviors.
motion collection
Replay small animated projects I have done.
Animation, Social Media, Slide Deck
the noise festival
Subvert our perception of everyday noise.
Branding, Experience, Interface
birch furniture
Create easy access
to quality furniture
for nomads.
Service Design
secret project
Inspire young adults to transform themselves and create impacts.
Social Impact, Multimedia
the fine art of spying
Discover the spirit of artists who spy.
Publication, Tabletop Game