L’OR Barista
product concept
L’OR is an iconic French coffee brand that offers its finest selection of coffees to coffee lovers around the world. The U.S. branch of L’OR has tasked Work & Co to explore the possibilities of connected experience for their next generation of single-serve coffee machines — L’OR Barista 2.0.

Working together, we identified key themes from in-category and out-of-category brands, discussed business objectives, and created digital, personalized coffee brewing experiences that encourage education, companionship, and discovery. This presentation only showcases a few highlights of our works.
Bill Chien
Erin Coughlin
Design, Design Direction
Rebecca Smith
Product Management
L’OR Barista App
Another app? From integrating with existing smart home systems to having a physical screen on the machine, we explored different ways of advanced interaction that come with connectivity. In the end, an app is still a more practical, own-able solution for our partner. L’OR Barista app essentially synthesizes the roles of a remote, a manual, a report, and a flyer. It is the ultimate companion to the machine.
01 Education
To live is to learn, and to learn is to live. Finding opportunities for the customers to learn about L’OR’s quality and attention to detail would emphasize the brand’s value and forge deeper customer relationships.
Passive Customization
The best experience always feels more fun and less work. When a customer first tries out capsule flavors, they can onboard through a tasting experience and learn about each capsule. After a customer finishes the experience and rating flavors, L’OR understands the customer’s tastes and sets up drink profiles for them without the customer actively customizing the settings by themselves.
Throw away the manuals. Just follow the video steps. When it’s time to care for the machine, L’OR will notify the customer and provide instructions. Motivating customers to take care of their machines would also reduce unnecessary calls to customer support and save everyone’s time.
02 Companionship
Building relationships with customers is crucial, yet it should feel natural, not forced. Each L’OR Barista app is unique to its owner who is using it because everything on it is tailored to the person. The more a customer uses the app, the better it understands the customer.
From personalized menus, hyper-customization of drinks to personal profile, L’OR knows what the customer want, like a personal barista. It also helps the customer learn about themselves by showing data on usage and preferences.
03 Discovery
To make the most of single-served coffee, we makes sure to keep things fresh. New recipes, feature fun moments, suggestions based on weather. When needed, customer can find inspirations on their fingertips.
Connected Recipes
We made recipe easy to follow by providing video steps and sync with the machine in real time. We also encourages the community to make alternative versions of the recipes for people with different diets or different ingredients at home.
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