Together Agency
brand identity
Together Agency is a full-service design agency that specializes in branding, communications, and digital design. Together is highly collaborative, detail-oriented, candid and optimized. The agency merges strategy and design to bring out clarity, confidence and cohesion in every brand.
Bill Chien
Brand and Website Design
Adam Chaloeicheep, Philip Johnson
Creative Oversight
Marisol Dahl
Brand Strategy
Website Development
The Mark
Together believes in the power of duos. The Together mark is a complementary composition of two characters “T,” forming into Roman numeral “II.” It’s two, and together.
The Wordmark
The Together wordmark is made up of eight unique letter forms. The letters fitting together reflects the highly communicative and collaborative nature of the agency.
Reckless Neue and Graphik have been selected as the primary and secondary typefaces in the Together brand, reflecting the premium and quality work Together made.
This set of hieroglyphics is designed to another layer of sophistication to the Together brand. They are inspired by the close proximity of the wordmark letterform. They are the basic building blocks for patterns or special visuals.
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